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Want to take you team to the next level and find your next superstar?

At Sports Bridge we are committed to helping everyone in the industry, hence we have created a tool like no other in the online Sports and Health & Fitness recruitment industry to help you find that athlete, sportsperson or working professional you’re looking for. The advanced search functionality allows you to find the athletes quicker and more efficiently.

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Scout Room allows you to:

  • Search and find your next Athlete or Industry Professional with ease
  • Search by sports specific statistics and KPI’s that actually mean something
  • Track and save potential recruits in your "My Favorites"
  • Ability to enter scouting or recruitment notes against saved potential recruits' profile cards
  • Rank which KPI’s are important and use the advanced search functionality to derive the best recruit options for you
  • Compare recruits against each other 
  • Expand your demographic reach
  • Find athletes before others
  • Save time
  • Reduce resources
  • Save money

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