Want to market your brand in front of a pure consumer that matters?

Advertising with Sports Bridge gives a unique advantage to brands who are positioned or are looking to position themselves in a sporting market. With the Sports Bridge demographic being a pure audience recognised with sport, your brand is hitting the right audience all the time.


Give your brand, business or organization the exposure it requires. 


Raise your Exposure and Business Revenue and Advertise in front of your Pure Customer!

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Unlike other sites we dont just advertise your business We Promote It! 

  • Directory Listing - Your Business joins our the Worlds First Online Social Directory
  • Social Pages Promotion - On top of promoting in front of the Sportsbridge community we promote you on our social channels
  • Featured Adds - Your adds get featured and cycle through to the top of the listings


  • 1 Website Banner (Side Bar): Static Banner Side Bars(with link outs). Period = 1 add = 1 Fortnight
  • Sponsored Articles: Have your brand or product boosted and displayed to our members in news feeds on the Sports Bridge platform.
  • Social Media Strategy: We provide standalone posts, group posts and promoted posts about your business on our Sports Bridge Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.
  • Mail outs: Sponsorship included in mail outs/newsletters to members

Strategic Brand Partners

Brands looking to become a strategic partner will be cross-promoted and will see an implementation of their brand in front of the Sports and Health & Fitness industries potentially in a way not seen before.

Strategic Brand Partners receive the Potential for Every Page Exposure in conjunction with our creative dependent on agreement over a fixed long term period.

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