Your Questions Answered

At Sports Bridge we like to give you as much information as possible and also answer any questions you may have. Hence we have put together a list of frequently asked questions to cover you if you’re an athlete, a person working in sports, a sporting club or organisation, or a business operating in sports.

People in Sports

Why should I be on Sports Bridge and what’s the value?

In your sporting career you will only have a few opportunities, if any, to Be Seen. Why not increase these opportunities and Be Seen by the right people all the time?

How do I know people are looking at my profile?

Sports Bridge is used by thousands of people in sports who are looking to recruit using easier methods. Sports Bridge uses world first technology in sports people search functionalities to bring you to the recruiters and scouts more easily. These people must perform their due diligence and you are being seen.

Why the Athlete Resource Centre?

You can learn so many skills from coaches so why not also learn from the actual professionals who have performed these skills at the highest level all of their lives as well?

How can I improve my chances of being seen?

Self-promotion, self-promotion and more self-promotion! Expand your network and connections, ensure your profile is fully completed, constantly update with new media, achievements and your KPI’s so when recruiters search you will be found easier. And remember, keep improving your KPI’s.

Sporting Clubs/Organisations

How do I find the best athletes and resources?

Utilize the Scout Room and refine your search of your next recruit’s intangibles down to exactly who you’re looking for. Why not get that player or person that will help you win the championship this year or the next?

What other benefits do clubs get?

Sports Bridge allows your club to be seen by everyone: professional, semi-professional or simply casual. Players or other people in sports in your area can see which teams or clubs they can potentially get involved with increasing your participation. Also manage and communicate with your current and future players or even track squads with our Team Manager function which will be launched in 2016.


I have a business but why should I pay for the Sports Bridge service when I can list it for free on other social media?

Other social media limit exposure when businesses post to their likers and followers so as to increase the chances of you engaging in further advertising. Sports Bridge doesn't, and will never do, as we live by the principle that everyone should Be Seen.

Yes but there are more people on other social media to increase exposure?

You're right, however the people you engage with on Sports Bridge are actually on this platform as they have the same interests as you and are 80% more likely to be looking at and actually engaging with you.

How can I increase my brand's exposure?

Sports Bridge limits the amount of advertising for a reason: so you get the best exposure possible. Also why not contact us about contributing to our Athletes Resource Centre? With thousands of people viewing the content you can use it as a call to action for your business!

Job & Opportunity Advertising

I have a business but why would i list my opportunity on SPORTSBRIDGE?

Sportsbridge provides a pure audience of job and opportunity seekers in your specific industry.  Often you will pay too much to advertise on job boards, which is why we are saving you money and making your recruitment more efficient.

Is my opportunity being seen?

We have over 6000 individual page views per day...Rest assured your opportunity is being seen.

How can I get the best value?

Sports Bridge offers a variety of yearly subscription packages to suit you're recruitment needs.  Throw in extras such as featured adds, social media and additional business exposure, your not just listing an add anymore.

Opportunity Seeker Pro

Why would I subscribe to the opportunity seeker pro?

With "Opportunity Seeker Pro" we do all of the work for you, sending you updates of the opportunities that fit you best. Focus your efforts elsewhere and let the opportunities and advertisers come to you

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