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Your Sports, Health & Fitness profile in front of the right people

The greatest skill and talent can often go unseen. We believe that everyone is their own brand and should be promoted. We unlock and support growth in all sports and the Health & Fitness Industries through education, connecting professionals, athletes, future stars, clubs, businesses and organisations creating real opportunities of self-promotion for everyone.

  • Athletes & Future Stars

    Sports Bridge provides the platform for all Athletes and future stars to Be Seen and recruited by clubs or sponsors landing you that contract or sponsorship.

  • Sports Administration & Operational

    Sports Bridge is your virtual resume to all clubs, sporting organisations and businesses also allowing you to network with likeminded people and industry professionals.

  • Recruiters & Scouts

    Empower your search and compare KPI’s that really matter with our Scout Room and connect with the athlete or employee to take your team to the next level.

  • Clubs & Organisations

    Promote your Club, Business or Sporting organization to the sporting world and Be Seen. Connect with athletes and employees to take your organization to the next level.

  • Sponsors & Brands

    Connect with the key athletes, future stars or clubs which will give your brand or business the exposure it needs to capture a market you need.

Our goal is to eliminate geographical gaps creating the ultimate bridging tool

How will you Be Seen?

  1. Your platform

    Regardless if you’re an up and coming athlete or professional in the Sports & Health & Fitness industries, it is difficult to be seen, stand out or be found by your next club or employer. Whether you’re just starting out or well-seasoned, your sportsbridge.com profile puts you in the spotlights all the time. Unlike other social platforms, sportsbridge.com has been designed specifically for people in the Sports and Health & Fitness industries to Be Seen and give you the edge!

  2. Ever Evolving

    Your promotion is our priority and Innovation is our #1 driving force. With the power of the Scout Room, we make sure your achievements are known and we aren’t stopping there. We aspire to grow with our athletes providing new features and tools like our innovative Athlete Resource Centre to help you be the best you can be

  3. Always Inspiring

    Good advice and knowledge is priceless especially when it’s from the elite and recognized professionals. With our expanding network, we will be sharing educational content from these people with Sports Bridge Pro Subscribers. We are breaking the boundaries in allowing athletes and professionals from all walks of life to share and grow together.

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